Key Features

What makes DK Online special?
Castle Sieges

The players and their in-game guilds can engage in a massive siege to gain control over a castle. Upon victory, winning guild will be able to collect taxes and other resources to continue their conquest against competing guilds.


Depending on the monster the player transforms into, their attack, defense, attack speed, movement speed, and other various stats can change.

Reinforcement System

The players can use scrolls to increase the stats of weapons and armors. The items may be destroyed upon failure, but they will grant large amount of stats if it succeeds.

About DK Online

What is the game about?

DK Online is a MMORPG originally developed by RPG Factory and published by Aeria Games. After several issues, the game was put on hiatus and months after laid off by the developer. In 2018 a development company called Masangsoft, known for games such as GunZ and RaiderZ, has announced they took over the project and are releasing the game on Steam.

  • Playable races

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  • Unique

    Hunting Grounds


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