Episode 2 has started!

Last nights maintence brought us new content in form of the Episode 2 Update. The changes, as well as maintenance patch notes, are the following: [Event] [Guild Event] 4th-week reward is given. [Server Ranking Event] reward is given. Close Guild Grow-up Event. Close Server Ranking Event. Close Launching Special Package Sale Event. [Cash shop] -Scroll:[…]

100% Exp Event!

Due to the server stability issues that occured on March 20th, in order to stabilize the issue, Masangsoft was forced to rollback the server to the state of March 20th 16:00 UTC. Many players, especially players from Europe or similar time zones, lost valuable progress, money and playtime. To compensate for this, everyone was sent[…]


Masangsoft released a FAQ on their Steam Page regarding some concern the community posted on the Steam discussion board. This is definitely a good sign and promising that we received feedback so quickly, considering not many people had their hopes up to get any feedback at all due to the year of silence since DK[…]

Closed Beta is ongoing!

The Closed Beta Test, although open for anyone, has been live since January 24th and will conclude on February 1st. Here is what the developer and publisher Masangsoft had to say: Greetings! DK online Early Access is available now! The service period will be from Jan 24, 2019 through Feb 1, 2019. (Jan 24, 2019,[…]