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  5. FliP

    KR Cash Shop Breakdown

    Seems like my pricing prediction is correct. The largest pack with all 30day buffs will cost about 60-70 USD.
  6. FliP

    Character Information

    Dear Dragon Knights, We added a new feature in time *cough* for scheduled release. You are now able to add your character information to your profile. However, to prevent profile field clutter, you can only add one character. In order to add your character, head over to your Profile, Edit Profile and you will be able to enter your Character Name, select a Class and enter the Character Level. Class images are temporary and will get updated once we get access to higher quality class icons. We hope you like this feature and will see you on release day at February 26th! Kind regards, FliP
  7. FliP

    New Patch before OBT

    I did not check all the skills as I was afraid I'd get kicked from the server for not being supposed to be there so I just ran around and checked as many NPCs as I could. As far I can tell, NPCs now sell all skills with pricing divided into tiers (as you would see in the skill interface with roman numbers). So I am positive that there will be mana regen skills for purchase.
  8. FliP

    New Patch before OBT

    Hello there Dragon Knights, There was a patch today, roughly ~300MB, which includes some great additions that we were asking for. Compared to CBT, these features now work: - Mailbox - Trade District Teleport - NPC names that were cut off - HP Bar was added, still no damage meter Other than above fixes, we got some new stuff as well: - Armor/Weapon Vendors now sell different kinds of Green grade equipment - Skill Book Vendors now sell all skill tiers - Novelty Vendors sell Enchantment scrolls again (Weapon 50k each, Armor 20k each) - DK Shop has been added and it is the same as the one posted HERE - You can get a set of 1 hour buffs for 500 Gold (Screenshots posted below) - Item Dictionary added: It is sort-of a wiki, but it has no content as of yet
  9. Hello, Our Forums has a feature called "Clubs", which I would like to explain and encourage you to use. What this feature does is self explanatory, it allows you to start clubs. It can conveniently be used to create Guild listings, but can also be used for other purposes, for instance a "Dog Lover" club or "Tech Nerds" club. What you will use it for is up to you, as long as it does not violate our forum rules (clubs about racism, politics, sexual harassment etc.) While starting a Club, you will have 4 options: - Public: Everyone can see and join your club. All discussions are publicly visible even without joining the club. - Open: Everyone can see the club and the posts within, but only members can participate in discussions. Everyone can join. - Closed: Everyone can see the club and its members, but only members can see discussions and participate in them. Requires the leaders approval to join. - Private: Only members can see the club and participate in discussions. Requires a invitation to join. For the sake of Guild, I recommend the "Closed" setting. Everyone will be able to see you exist and apply for membership if they want to join. By creating a Club, the features you will gain within it are the following: - private Event Calender - private Forum - Image upload - File upload - Blog posts You can imagine Clubs as "a forum inside a forum". All Club members will get the clubs logo attached to their profile, like so: I hope you enjoy the feature and should you have any questions about it, feel free to ask. Kind regards, FliP
  10. FliP

    KR Cash Shop Breakdown

    I am trying to remember what we had available to purchase out of the item mall in the old version. I remember we had enchantment scrolls at ordinary merchants and I remember using those enchantment chance enhancers too, but I am sure I did not get them out of the item mall. Buff scrolls could also be craftable like the green/red/purple elixirs that improve Movespeed/attack speed/cast speed. The buffs disappear when you die and only last 10 minutes anyway so I doubt people will use them in PVP as they would burn money like nothing. 30day transformations also give a few stats I believe, but I assume people will be able to get them from the auction house from players that resell cash shop items for gold. Same with dolls. Since we do not get any stats from leveling up and cannot redistribute the automatically assigned stat points, strength will be entirely gear based. At near end-game levels, I wonder how much impact the stats from dolls and transformations will have. I have seen some set effects during CBT and they seem quite nice, more than what you would get from transformations and dolls.
  11. FliP

    Old DKO Picture Thread

    So many familiar character and guild names in those screenshots. I hope they find their way back to DK Online.
  12. FliP

    Is Warlock still OP?

    I am testing Warrior as we speak and Warriors seem much stronger than Warlocks currently. This might change at higher levels when Warlocks get Poison Cloud.
  13. FliP

    KR Cash Shop Breakdown

    Some of those items might be available it merchants for florin too. We will know for sure on February 20th. Pets, Mounts etc. will likely only be in the cash shop, but those 10 minute buffs could be sold at merchants as well.
  14. FliP

    Show Damage and HP Bar ( Monsters )

    Masangsoft addressed this in their FAQ. The game normally does not have a HP bar, but they will implement it for us for open beta release. You can read the FAQ here: http://dragonknightsonline.com/news/faq/
  15. My old screenshots are gone since I changed several PCs since the last DK Online release, but here are a few DKO related pictures I had saved on various thumb drives, cloud services etc. This was some Forum Event, no idea what it was for. Bonestrider Mount (7day) I won from a Event. Random Screenshot. I don't remember what it was for. Another random screenshot. Maybe someone was interested in my build? Why did I go full CON? Btw, this is what is now called Pagan Temple. Used to be called Temple of Lost Gods. Another random screenshot. Is that a 400 Voucher Legendary One-Hand Sword? Badges I made for a forum event. And some signatures I made per request: Any of those guys still around? 😉