Masangsoft released a FAQ on their Steam Page regarding some concern the community posted on the Steam discussion board.

This is definitely a good sign and promising that we received feedback so quickly, considering not many people had their hopes up to get any feedback at all due to the year of silence since DK Online got Greenlit on Steam.

This is what GM Dione of Masangsoft had to say:

Hello, players!
We heard your questions and feedback.
Here are the Frequently Asked Questions.
Q. When trying to choose a character and start to play, the game crashed.
A. Before the game starts, please turn off anti-softwares (Trend Micro, Avast) and start the game. If we can’t solve this problem, we will let you know how to set the exception list in your anti-software later.
Q. Is there going to wipe character record or not?
A. It will be a character wipe after Early Access.
Q. Why is Early Access service too short?
A. This is kind of beta service for checking game balance and bugs.
By getting feedback quickly, we can focus on improving bugs and including more interesting contents on the official launch.
We really sorry our early access is too short.
Q. Is there going to be Europe server?
A. Only global service(English) is available. Europe services are not planned yet.
Q. Where is monster HP bar?
A. Actually, our game doesn’t have monster HP bar.
However, After reviewing the feedback from players, we decided to put the monster HP bar.
We will make it available when the service is officially open.
Thank you for you guys feedback.
Q. Where are guide and information for drop items and monsters?
A. We are preparing the official Wiki, forum, and website now.
When official service opens, you can see detailed information what you want.
Q. Can’t log in because of restricted account error.
A. It is a kind of bug. We have confirmed that the message will be displayed at login after the application terminated abnormally.
After exiting the game completely, you can log in without the problem.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Q. How to reset the second password when I forget it?
A. We are very sorry that we can’t solve this in EA period because of the system problem … =<
This problem will not happen in official release. Sorry once again.
We will provide a lot of information about updates and solved bugs for official release through this steam announcement.
As always, thank you for being part of the DK Online community.:steamhappy:
DK Online Team

They also announced a Maintenance for Wednesday, Jan 30th starting at 5 PM PST with a expected duration of 2 hours regarding server stabilization.

Very exciting days for DK Online fans indeed. We can’t wait to hear more.

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