Release postponed once again!

History is repeating itself, we once again got a delay announcement on release day!

The reason is the same as previously, to polish and enhance the game experience.

At this point we wonder whether we will see a release in the near future. We are not getting our hopes up that this will be the last delay.

Following is the official statement:

Greetings, Warriors!
First of all, we are sorry to announce the official launch delayed again.
We were previously supposed to be released on 26 February,
but will be postponed to 5 March at 11 am (PST).
We will be informed as follows:
[Official release date: March 5th at 11:00 AM, PST]
[DK Online Official Site/ Forum/ Wiki open date: Feb 26th, PST]
The reason is that we want to polish some features to enhance the gameplay experience.
Postponing the release was a very difficult choice for us. But in the end, we wanted everyone to play a game with better service.
*Before the official release, you cannot access our game with ‘ failed to login’ message.
In addition, we have region restrictions.
China and Korea will be restricted and not available this global service.
This is because there are other servers(not on steam) servicing those countries.
We recommend that residents in Korea or China use the services of each country.
Again, we are so sorry to have kept you waiting.
We will let you know the official sites URL on Feb 26th.
Hope for your understanding!
DK Online Team

We will not add another release countdown at this point, as we did not even get another opening time with the latest delay.

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